The Avengers finally Assemble

ytuy“The film that finally unites the world’s greatest superheroes in the ultimate two hour geek fantasy.”

When troublesome character Loki who inexplicably returns from the dead to get vengeance on the planet where his God-like brothers sort of girlfriend lives, S.H.I.E.L.D boss Nick Furry gets Marvels greatest franchises (except Spiderman, Fantastic Four and X-Men) and Earths mightiest heroes, together at last.

An action packed, crime fighting film featuring an all-star cast including the likes of Robert Downey Jr who plays everyone’s favourite character, Iron Man. Samuel Jackson, playing Nick Furry. Scarlett Johansson, playing super spy Black Widow whose body suit couldn’t get any tighter. And Chris Hemsworth, whose appearance here completely eradicates the ending to his own film, playing the role of Thor, brother of the villain Loki played by Tom Hiddleston. (Who is so determined to gain control of the Tesseract, you’ll spend the whole film wondering why he’s uniting the only group of beings who could stop him in the hopes of getting them to dislike each other. Not a good call.) Along with many other highly praised actors and actresses.

This film is so rivetingly exciting, it will make you almost forget how boring the first 25 minutes are. From the get-go the films action and sci-fi genres become apparent when we first meet the power hungry, mythical character of Loki who had travelled to Earth from different dimension/planet called Asgard in order to gain control of the human race. The first scene features a whole lot of everyone’s favourite type of action, violence along with unexplained mind control through a glowing blue stick. Endure many exciting scenes throughout, like the 20 minutes of Iron Man using his super cool laser abilities to fix a spaceship, featuring genetic aliens who ride flying jet skis. However the rest of the scenes are so action packed you will forget to even question the unrealistic and comment worthy mess ups of the film, like how they’re all able to talk to each other without ear pieces or how the Hulk can suddenly control his anger.

But I will give the producers this, I strongly believe by using this particular combination of themes and actors together, it really makes the film more appealing to its target audience of both young and older people aged around 15 to 55 years. This is their target audience as the films content of superheroes and action attracts almost every age and gender.

Most of the film uses high key lighting, allowing us to clearly see the events happening. But some parts do in fact use just the right amount of low lighting and dark tones to set the mood of drama and tension. I personally found that this use of low lighting fitted extremely well in the scenes throughout the film. The non-diegetic music also fitted particularly well, with upbeat and motivating tracks used on scenes of the film where a lot of action was happening. The diegetic sound effects used in the film include building collapses, more than enough explosions, the firing of multiple weapons, relatively realistic robot alien roars and the sound the hulk makes when changing into the big green monster. Which all surprisingly enough fitted in very well.

The film uses the type of settings that actually show the mood and atmosphere of the scene such as having the background full of aliens and collapsed buildings while using a circularly moving arc shot to show each individual character as well as showing the background. This really creates a dramatic effect to the audience and I personally felt very excited to see how the story played out and the end result. The films linear narrative, linked with each individual characters previous film(s), make the story easy to follow which is good for the age range of the target audience. (Which if you haven’t seen will make half of the story not make sense as well as in the end having no impact due to the fact they decided to go back on some of the previous plots and stories. Just like in Loki and Thor’s case.)

I personally feel the war between the two species of beings has a much deeper meaning behind it, which is a slim representation of the current affairs happening in society today in where there are still wars between some countries. I also think this may slightly be trying to show how America in particular are “dominant” or stronger than other countries are it may be an indirect way of pointing out how America are the ones who will win even the biggest war they are part of. This could be taken as a positive or negative representation depending on your whereabouts. By this I simply mean, if you’re America you’ll most defiantly agree with my statement about you being so great but if you’re from anywhere else you’re almost defiantly be feeling the opposite way about it.

In conclusion to all this being said, I feel the films mixture of excitement, drama and super powered humans and alien species is very well put together and really well played out. I feel the ending tied up all loose ends to the story which is personally what I look for when watching a film and the actors and actresses did justice to their characters roles. I particularly enjoyed the speech side of the story throughout too, as I was not bored or extremely confused by any topic mentioned.

So is it really worth the watch? I think so and I would in fact recommend this film to every and anyone interested.


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